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You Can Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Children 

in Three Easy Steps

CATCH-A-PREDATOR is an application that can be downloaded and used to scan a computer to see if it contains Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

If any suspected files are found a report can be downloaded or emailed.

CATCH-A-PREDATOR is completely anonymous.  No information is retained about who has downloaded or used the application.

Currently supports Windows 7 -11

Step-1: Download

Download the Catch-A-Predator application.  Double-click on the executable to begin.


There are three scanning options that will search for Child Sexual Abuse Material.

Full Scan - Scans all available volumes (disks).

Quick Scan - Scans the current user directory.

Custom Scan - Allows you to select a specific folder or disk.

Step-2: Scan


Step-3: Report

There are two options to save a report.

Download Report - Allows the report to be saved to disk.

Email Report - Allows the report to be emailed anonymously.

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