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  • Does Catch-A-Predator or Red Stapler Inc. retain or keep any information about who downloads or uses the software?
    No. We do not track or retain any personally identifying information unless you contact us directly. Please feel free to review our Privacy Policy at anytime.
  • Was Catch-A-Predator designed for law enforcement?
    Catch-A-Predator was not designed for law enforcement. That being said, the Catch-A-Predator application can be used by anyone (including law enforcement).
  • Are we affiliated with MSNBC or the reality show "To Catch a Predator"?"
    No. We are not affiliated in any way with MSNBC or its reality show which ended in 2007.
  • How are donations used?
    Red Stapler uses donations to provide solutions that have the greatest impact against major crimes. Currently, we are focusing on the Sexual Exploitation of Children.
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